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Alps Education

Earlier this year I was tasked with rebuilding a client’s dev team with a mix of contract and permanent staff with a very tight deadline.

It sounded like it was going to be a tough ask, as I was informed by some of the outgoing team that recruitment in the area was nigh impossible; competition was high in the area and the location was apparently not very attractive. I knew Andy from his previous role and asked him for help. He and his team jumped at the challenge immediately and, despite my concerns, I soon had a good selection of CVs in my inbox. Sean helped me sort through them, and soon had interviews set up for me. Everyone arrived well-briefed and on-time, which made my job a whole lot easier. Amazingly, we had a full team in place in a matter of weeks - we’d feared it could take months!

I’m pretty sure we couldn’t have done it without Langham’s enthusiasm and dedication to help us. As far as I know, my client is still working with them now. A big thank you guys!

Richard Bushnell – Alps - NED