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We have a large, experienced recruitment team at Equal Experts but when we have an extremely niche role that goes outside of what we usually recruit it's always Sarah and Langham that we use. I rarely have a job description of more than a few lines and what I'm asking her to provide is always super niche. Sarah and her team always provide CV's extremely quickly, that's the easy part! What impresses me is that all of the candidates are properly vetted, they are always interested in the role, available when I'm told they are and at the correct rate. To date all have accepted the role. Being an ex-agency recruiter myself there are 100's of ex colleagues I could have turned to for help, there's a reason why I chose Sarah and Langham.
Shaun Stephen
Recruitment Lead at Equal Experts


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As global experts in providing innovative data and design solutions to some of the worlds biggest organisations, Equal Experts regularly requires specialist contractors to provide expertise for projects. Langham has partnered with Equal Experts to source numerous, niche skilled contractors to deliver on specific projects for their UK customers.

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Linux Sys Admins | SAS QA | Business Analysts | Oracle Weblogic | Service Bus Admins | SAS Consultants | Implementation engineer | DevOps | Technical Author

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