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Langham Recruitment has been great in our recent hiring efforts and has added to making our hiring process an efficient experience. They consistently provide us with qualified candidates that align with our requirements, saving us time and energy in sifting through CVs and conducting initial assessments. This level of detail and care is invaluable in the world of recruitment, and Langham has mastered it. During our last recruitment drive, the majority of our new hires came through Langham Recruitment, highlighting their efficiency and attention to detail. We highly recommend them!
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AAA UK based Games Studio

Nequinox Studio's were well versed in using recruiters to identify talent for their gaming studio.  Upon first meeting Anthony (CEO) we knew we could make an impact into Nequinox's hiring processeswhere other's had struggled.  The brief from the Nequinox Team was simple.  Less is more when it comes to quality of CV's sent and make sure the candidates are well prepared and supported throughout the process.  Within 2 months of working with Nequinox, we had completed 4 great new hires and now have established ourselves as their go to supplier for Gaming talent.

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