Project#808 is the innovative innovation model. It's the investment model that invests in the future of whole sectors. It's unlike anything else in the incubation space.

Every problem is an opportunity to innovate something better than what currently exists, the Project#808 modeltakes sector-wide weaknesses and transforms them into industry standard-raising strengths. Together, wecreate disruptive, market-defining companies. Together, we create investment opportunities. Together, Project808 dramatically reduce the cost and risk of innovation.

Discover and define

We'll identify the problems and dig out the root causes – the real blockers holding you and your industry back. With those isolated, it's easier to spot
the opportunities

Validate and incubate

We create an innovation lab to develop solutions and proof of concepts. We work with you to establish technical and commercial viability and then start working on the MVP.

Develop and accelerate

You'll have an innovative solution to your initial issue. You'll also have a share in the tech start-up that takes the solutions to the wider market and continues to innovate and refine

Project 808 - Project#808

Join our Eco-System

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