A day in the life of a Delivery Consultant...

Starting your career with Langham Recruitment

We believe in specialization! Our people are focused on one of three areas:

  • Delivery - hands on recruitment for our client’s vacancies
  • Business Development – outreach to new customers through marketing and client events
  • Account Management – working in partnership with our larger clients to ensure the receive the best possible service

When people join us as graduates / trainees they start in a Delivery Consultant role. No two days are the same. I spoke to one of our Delivery Team who has been in the business for 12 months to find out what their working day consists of:


I log on, review my To-do-list, check emails and respond to candidates who have sent CVs overnight. I send emails to coordinate candidate and clients’ diaries to set up interviews.


Squad Call – I Join the daily meetup for my squad, either in person if I’m in the office, or by Teams if I’m working from home. In the squad call we discuss strategies for finding candidates for the vacancies we are working on and collaborate with our colleagues in Business Development / Account Management to ensure make sure we’ve got all the support we need to successfully manage candidates through the interview processes. The squad call is a daily opportunity to learn from more experienced team members and to share knowledge.

9.30 to 12.00

I’ll have calls scheduled with a number of candidates during the morning. I’ll brief them on the roles they have applied to, giving the information they need, as well as taking the time to go into further detail about their skills, work history, personality, motivations, and establish what type of company and role they will be best suited to. Some of these calls will result in me submitting the candidate’s CV to client.
Between the scheduled candidate calls I make contact with new candidates who have applied to our recruitment advertisements overnight, booking times for a briefing calls with them.


Is it already 12pm! I have a debrief call with a candidate who has interviewed with one of my clients this morning. I get their feedback, find out how they thought it went and whether they are keen on the role. I feedback to the client accordingly and find out next steps.
Lunch – very important to enjoy your lunchbreak! Perhaps I’ll go out for a run if working from home or join colleagues for lunch on the market if I’m working in the office.


I join a briefing call with a client to take the details of a new vacancy to work on. This is a 30 minute Teams call with me, the Langham Recruitment Account Manager and the hiring manager for the client company. I come off the call with all the information I need to write a compelling recruitment advertisement and post it onto our website, LinkedIn, and a variety of job boards to instigate the recruitment campaign.


I take a call from regular client who tells me that the candidate I had interview there yesterday has been successful. It doesn’t happen every day, but it’s the best part of the job - calling the candidate to let them know! This is a great feeling, knowing that my hard work has paid off and both the candidate and client are happy.

3.15 – 5.00

I put some background music on start a LinkedIn recruiter project to build a talent pool for the new vacancy I’m working on. I use a variety of searches to identify relevant profiles and then reach out to them with a compelling message which will result in more calls scheduled for the coming days.


Back to back interview preparation calls with two candidates who have client interviews tomorrow. I give them a refresher on the companies they’ll be interviewing with, tell them what to expect in the interview and coach them on how to do well.


I plan tomorrow to make sure I’ll get off to a flying start by prioritising my tasks and activities.
Some days I will finish at 5.30, but that’s not the case every day. It can be difficult for candidates to talk to me during the day when they are at work, so some days I schedule call(s) after work.

A career in recruitment is fast-paced and demanding. It’s not a 9 to 5 role. You use different skills every day which keeps it stimulating, but frustration and reward come in equal measure as not everything goes your way! That said, career progression is rapid and genuinely meritocratic and the rewards can be terrific.

Sean Curran
Director at Langham Recruitment